What is TAK?


TAK, is a creative innovation space that welcomes citizens, designers, volunteers, students and supporters establishing national and international collaborations to create ideas and products for public good. As an independent organization, it creates programs and projects based on volunteering and collaboration with the contribution of a variety of designers from different disciplines.

TAK, establishes design processes that are sensitive to social conversions and evaluates urban problems under three themes as Design, Research and Participation.

Basic Principles

Power of Design; Solving problems via design tools

Strategical Design; Creative ideas, applicable designs

Idea Sharing; Gathering volunteer and professional designers together

Experience Sharing; National and international collaborations

Participatory Ideas; Contribution of the citizens in project processes by means of ideas and design

Meeting; The convention of designers from different disciplines

Enterprising Designers; Knowledge and entrepreneurship

Raising Capacity; Accessible education and knowledge

Creative Collaborations; Innovative sectors

Social Capital; Developing space, inventing employment

Collaborative Approach

As TAK Kadıkoy and TAK Kartal, we share our knowledge and experiences and support TAK model to become popular in other cities.